Fleace, the Flickr-Enabled Automatic Changer for Everyone, is a free wallpaper changer that retrieves pictures from Flickr based on topics of your choice.

System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
  • an Internet connection


Fleace is easy on the eye

  • Runs automatically at startup, then terminates. Most other wallpaper changers hang around in your system tray, taking up valuable resources.
  • Chooses a random image from the most interesting Flickr pictures containing any of the tags you specify. These can be topics as diverse as Paris, rainbow and kitten.
  • Select whether you want pictures to be stretched or centred on your desktop.
  • Preview window shows what the wallpaper will look like, and gives the opportunity to select another, or cancel the change altogether.
  • You can set for how long the preview window is visible, down to 0 seconds to run completely invisibly.
  • No program installation required


Fleace is easy on the eye

  • Fleace was designed to change wallpaper at startup. Returning from stand-by or hibernation do not count as starting up. If you normally hibernate instead of shutting down then see the next two tips for alternatives.
  • For a one click shortcut to change the wallpaper whenever you want, just copy the Fleace shortcut from the startup group of your start menu.
  • You can also schedule that shortcut to run any time by using the Windows Task Scheduler.

Possible future changes

  • Although Flickr supports JPEG, GIF & PNG, Fleace currently only supports JPEG because of its overwhelming popularity. If these other image types appear more often I shall reconsider this.