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AFL Ladder (Historical)

A chart is worth a thousand tablesView charts of the ladder position and percentage of the teams in the Australian Football League for the seasons from 1995, when the national competition began in earnest, to 2013.


An image made of textWhen photo-realistic graphics on a home computer were just a dream Ascii art, where images are made from text alone, were one way of showing pictures. The online Asciifier can convert pictures into text art, and can do an entire web page at a time.

Country Bumpkin

Lovely satellite imageIf you enjoy looking quizzically at maps then this game is for you. It uses the latest in satellite imagery to perplex, confound, and possibly even educate.


Is your native tongue being inflitrated by foreign words? How far has the rot spread? Check the global dialectical contamination with this trendy tool.

Instant Crossword Tools

Stuck at 9 across? If you've already got some letters, then you can find all the words that fit. In addition, you can use the anagram tool to get started on the latest cryptic crossword.

Mnemonic Generator

If you've ever had trouble remembering a four digit code then this free online memory tool is for you. Whether it's the security access code for your work, a PIN for your ATM, your library password, then the mnemonic generator can help.

Monarchy Quiz

Ever wondered if the English Royal Family could make a good quiz? Find out the answer here.

Weather Chart

Charting your way to successSee whether the heatwave you're enduring has started to slacken, with this chart of the last 72 hours of temperature and rainfall data for any Australian location.

Android Downloads


Get it on Google PlayA fast free Mandelbrot fractal explorer app with intuitive touch navigation. Create unique expressive wallpapers for your phone or tablet.

Python Downloads


Intelligent automatic reordering of podcasts on your MP3 player. It orders episodes within each feed chronologically, randomly orders feeds, and minimises clumping of episodes from a single feed. This is useful if you dump a whole heap of podcasts onto your player in one go, but don't want consecutive podcasts from the same source.

Windows Downloads


WimpWall screenshotAutomatic wallpaper changer. Select one or more folders containing images, and whenever your computer starts it will pick a random image from those folders as your wallpaper.

Topfield PVR Downloads
Apps for Topfield personal video recorders.


Put Topfield PVRs into standby after a configurable period of inactivity. It works on European and Australian TMS models such as the 7100+, 7160, 2400 and 2460.


Skipper enables the blue key to skip backwards 10 seconds in all viewing modes, not just timeshift mode as in the standard firmware. For the Topfield 5000PVRt and related models.

A plethora of better skipping TAPs are now available, but this will remain for download with source code for educational purposes.