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Origin of the Minchin name

From A Dictionary of English Surnames, by P.H.Reaney and R.M.Wilson (Oxford University Press, 1995):

Minchin: Aluredus, Peter Minchun 1190, 1205 Pipe Rolls(Worcestershire, Devonshire); Robert Mincin 1381 Subsidy Rolls Suffolk. Old English mynecen 'nun', a nickname.

From The Origin of English Surnames, by P.H.Reaney (Routledge, 1991):

...But in the following centuries such surnames as Abbott, Prior and Dean are much too frequent to be taken literally. They are clearly names of the working classes who could never have held such high office and must be regarded as nicknames given because of some fancied resemblance in appearance or character to the official commemorated. This is made particularly clear in the case of Minchin and Nunn. The former, from OE [Old English] mynecen 'nun' is not common but all the examples noted are names of men. Hence it must be a nickname, 'meek and demure as a nun', unless, as often, it was given in derision to one of a most un-nunlike character.


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