Thomas Baxter

Birth: Abt 1853
Death: 21 Jun 1931 , Huntingdonshire, England
Burial: 1931 , Low Harthey, Nr Ellington, Huntingdon

Occupation: Farm Manager

Married Julie Mary Wadnor on 28 Nov 1871 at Ellington, Huntingdon

William Dockrill Baxter Living
Thomas Baxter Dinah
Thomas Baxter
m.Julie Mary Wadnor

Beatrice Baxter





John (Jack) Baxter


Notes: The baptism is unconfirmed, from It als o says that the

father is George Baxter, mum is Sarah Lenton, they marrie d 19 Oct 1848

at Pertenhall, Bedfordshire. Pertenhall is 5 mi SW of Ellin gton.

There's also a Millie Kendal Baxter, either a sister or nei ce of Thomas.

We visited the grave in 1978.

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