Reginald Goldsmith

Birth: 14 Oct 1892 , Ashby DE La Zouch Leicestershire England
Death: 16 May 1957 , Royal Perth Hospital, Perth

Occupation: hospital collector

Married Dora Livesey on 16 Jun 1917 at Fremantle, WA

Living Living Ann Burton
Benjamin Goldsmith Living
Reginald Goldsmith
m.Dora Livesey

Dorothy Goldsmith

Maureen Goldsmith

Notes: [Died of cancer.] Went funny at the end.

Was ninth or tenth child, after 3 who died young (i.e. 12 o r 13 births total)

Born in the police station at Ashby de la Zouch.

Worked as a labourer.

Birth extract ordered from General Register Office, London.

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