Matthew Nathaniel (Edward) Wallis

Birth: 1825-1826 , Kent, England
Death: 16 Jul 1909 , Palmerston, Perth

Occupation: convict, builder

Married (1) Living

Married (2) Harriet Bufton on 20 Jul 1879

m.(1) Living

John Richard Wallis


Matthew Wallis
m.(2) Harriet Bufton

Theodocia Wallis




Notes: First married in England - no details. Built Guildford chur ch. Sentenced in London, 1849 to 7 years, transported on

the Minden leaving wife & kid, arv. Freo 14 Oct 1851. Dad w as butcher.

In 1886 his English wife wrote enquiring his whereabouts.

"Bricklayer, 5'9", auburn hair, hazel eyes, long face, stou t, fresh

complexion, scar on right cheek

Reconvicted 6/1/64 to do with battery/robbery - not convict ed of robbery

Death certificate: 429?09

From Convicts in Western Australia 1850 -1887 Dictionary o f Western Australians IX, University of Western Australia P ress, 1994

- available on

WALLACE, Matthew Nathaniel

Convict No 924

Ship Name Minden

Ship Arrival Date 14 Oct 1851

Alias aka WALLIS Matthew

Birth Date 1826

Marital Status Mar 1 chd

Occupation bricklayer

Religion Prot

Sentence Date 11 Jun 1849

Sentence Place London

Sentence Province London

Sentence Country England

Court Cent Crim Ct

Length of Sentence 7yrs

Ticket of Leave Date 14 Oct 1851

Expiree 10 Jun 1856

Known Areas Perth

Comments Worked for self 1853

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