William Martin

Birth: 27 Apr 1806 , Robertsbridge, Sussex, England
Death: 18 Jan 1895 , Northam, WA

Occupation: farmer

Married Lucy Cook on Abt 1826 at England

John Martin Hannah Watson
William Martin
m.Lucy Cook

Lucy Martin

Newland Martin

William Martin

John Martin

Hannah Martin

Mary Ann Martin

Harriett Martin

Samuel Martin

Edward Martin

George Martin

Ellen Martin

Fanny Martin

Notes: He had 11 more children, check in Ancestral file for detail s.

Arrived in Swan Settlement on 'Hooghly', 12 Feb 1830.

Labourer in Swan District in 1840s, to Northam by 1850s. I n 1859 York Census,

listed as established farmer and grazier. To "Sandgate" Bev erley & Salt River

Northam, 1872. Employed a T/L man there 1871. C/E

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