Harry Frederick Millward

Birth: 23 Aug 1885 , Trimlgherry Secunderabad, India
Death: 22 May 1969 , Hollywood Hospital, WA
Burial: Karrakatta

Occupation: Water supply foreman

Married Beatrice Baxter on 12 Nov 1913 at Christ Church, Claremont, WA

Frederick Morton Millward Mary Ann Simms Living
Frederick Millward Margaret Anne Evans
Harry Frederick Millward
m.Beatrice Baxter



Notes: Chauffeur imported into WA with a Rolls-Royce at The Cliff , McNeil St from UK

Peppermint Grove. Served in WW1 in the trenches in France , 2nd Bn Mdsx Regmnt

Left India for UK aged 13 in 1898 or 1899. Lived in Chiswic k, London.

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