Frederick Millward

Birth: 12 Nov 1851 , Winchester, Hampshire
Death: 1926
Burial: Margrove Rd Cemetery, Fulham Sect. Qv10

Occupation: painter, Regt. Sgt. Major

Married Margaret Anne Evans on 4 Nov 1880 at Rathmichael, County Dublin

Joseph Millward Mary Cooper James Simms Living
Frederick Morton Millward Mary Ann Simms
Frederick Millward
m.Margaret Anne Evans

Harry Frederick Millward

William Ernest Millward


Ellen Jane Millward

Ruth Millward

Kate Millward

Notes: Middlesex Regt, enlisted Birmingham, 4th March 1871 at 4p m in the 57th Foot

Info from Public Records Office at Kew, Rusden Avenue, Engl and

Served in Ceylon, South Africa and East Indies under name M illwood

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