Edmund John Stirling

Birth: 15 Aug 1812 , Skeyton (Worstead), Norfolk
Death: 2 Nov 1897 , York, WA
Burial: Perth Anglican Cemetery

Occupation: newspaper editor

Married (1) Ethel Read\Reed on 9 Nov 1836 at Perth, WA

Married (2) Emma Amelia Wright on 1 Jul 1889

Edmund Starr Living
Edmund Starling Living
Edmund John Stirling
m.(1) Ethel Read\Reed

Emma Naomi Stirling

Sarah Amelia Elizabeth Stirling

John Edmund Stirling

Laura Hannah Stirling

Agnes Stirling

Amelia Stirling

Mary Ann Stirling

Frederick Robert Stirling

Horace George Stirling

Louis James King Stirling

Madeline King Stirling

m.(2) Emma Amelia Wright

Notes: "Inquirer" proprietor. Arrived on 'Edward Loombe' Aug 1830 , a single man.

According to Bicentennial Dict. of W.Australians, his paren ts were Edmund

John Stirling and Judith Massingham

Note: Edmund was a common Starling family name.

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