Ethel Read\Reed

Birth: 1819 , England
Death: 4 Oct 1887 , WA?

Married Edmund John Stirling on 9 Nov 1836 at Perth, WA

George Read\Reid\Reed Ann Coward
Ethel Read\Reed
m.Edmund John Stirling

Emma Naomi Stirling

Sarah Amelia Elizabeth Stirling

John Edmund Stirling

Laura Hannah Stirling

Agnes Stirling

Amelia Stirling

Mary Ann Stirling

Frederick Robert Stirling

Horace George Stirling

Louis James King Stirling

Madeline King Stirling


Notes: Arrived in WA with parents on the 'Rockingham'

Born in 1819 according to

According to WA Bicentennial Dict, parents are George Rea d and Ann Coward,

not Elizabeth as originally thought.

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