George Read\Reid\Reed

Birth: 1782-1787XXX , England Born 1789 In WA Biog.Dict.
Death: 13 Mar 1875 , Perth, WA

Occupation: sawyer from Dorset

Married Ann Coward on 11 Sep 1836 at Perth

m.Ann Coward

Ethel Read\Reed

Notes: From Name also sometimes spelt Reid.

Arrived in Perth on the 'Rockingham' in May 1830.

Born 1789?

"b.1782/7 ?relative of James Read? "

The only Dorset George Read b.1782 or 1787 is "b. c.1782 Ye tminster Dorset"

who married Susannah MAJOR on 7 Dec 1807 Cattistock, Dorset . So unlikely.

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