James Minchin

Birth: 1 Mar 1799 , Petersfield, Hampshire
Death: Jul 1837 , Upper Swan, Perth
Burial: 20 Jul 1837 , Bank Of The Swan River

Occupation: carpenter, builder, baker

Married Elizabeth Tewlett on 15 Jan 1821 at Petersfield

William Minchin Sarah Heberdon John Marman Elizabeth Binsted
James Andrews Minchin Phoebe Marman
James Minchin
m.Elizabeth Tewlett

James Minchin

Andrew Minchin

Elizabeth Minchin

Alfred Minchin

Esther Minchin

Notes: Emigrated on 'Caroline', arrived Fremantle 12 Oct 1829

All children except Alfred to Victorian goldfields

Tablet in Upper Swan Church

Family info from book on Australian pioneers.

Was granted land, but leased 'Spring Park" in Guildford & w orked as builder.

From: Rod Minchin (Tue , 14 Aug 2001)

While he was involved in building (eg government offices i n Perth), his occupation on his marriage

certificate was baker.

From A Genealogical History of Pioneer Families of Australi a, Fifth Edition, 1978:

James Minchin with his wife and five children left Portsmou th for Western Australia before the foundation of the Colon y (1 June 1829) and arrived in Fremantle in the Caroline o n 12 October 1829. He built his first home in the town of P erth. On 13 November 1829 he was given permission to obtai n a grant of 1,211 acres on the Upper Swan River and pursua nt thereto acquired a farming, grazing and wine growing pro perty, the purchase of which was completed by his third son , Alfred. This property remained in the family until 1946 . He died by misadventure at the early age of 38 years an d was buried on the bank of the river. His widow remarrie d and, together with all their children except Alfred, afte rwards went to the eastern colonies. As the centenary of hi s death approached, a tablet to his memory was, by permissi on of the Archibishop of Perth, placed by his descendants i n the Upper Swan Church - founded in 1839, two years afte r his death - there having been neither church nor churchya rd in the district in 1837. The inscription on the tablet r eads: 'In memory of James Minchin who came to the Swan in t he ship Caroline 12 October 1829. Buried on this river ban k 20th July 1837 beside five other settlers who were kille d by natives before this Church was built. Aged 38 years. D escendants to the fifth generation have erected this memori al as a token of esteem. November 1st 1936'.

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