Andrew Minchin

Birth: 27 Aug 1822 , UK
Death: Victoria

Occupation: Wheelwright, farmer

Married Ann Haddrill on 19 Dec 1846 at Wexcombe, Perth

James Andrews Minchin Phoebe Marman Living
James Minchin Elizabeth Tewlett
Andrew Minchin
m.Ann Haddrill

James Minchin

Hannah Minchin

Andrew Minchin

Elizabeth Minchin

Eliza Minchin

William Minchin

George Minchin

Mary Ann Minchin

Alfred Minchin

Thomas Minchin

Notes: Had 6 sons, 4 daughters. For info, see WA Biographical Dict ionary.

To Victoria between 1853 and 1855. Farmer at Kyneton, Victo ria.

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