David Hitchcock

Birth: 26 Sep 1835 , England
Death: 9 Feb 1916 , Guildford, WA

Married Honora Keane on 7 Mar 1855 at Middle Swan, WA

John Hitchcock Martha Lavender
James Hitchcock Susan Carter
David Hitchcock
m.Honora Keane

Mary Ann Louise Hitchcock

Charlotte Eliza Hitchcock


Margaret Keane Hitchcock

Theresa Hitchcock

Joseph Keane Hitchcock

Notes: From W.Australian p.13 Jul 13 2000, "He and his wife Honora , who both arrived

in the Swan River Colony on the ship Simon Taylor in Augus t 1842, raised

their nine children at Underhill, on Old Toodyay Road, a pr operty demolished


Possibly born 26 Feb 1826 (from familysearch.org)

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