James Hitchcock

Birth: 23 Apr 1806 , Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire
Death: 19 Oct 1885 , Middle Swan, WA

Married (1) Susan Carter on 12 FEB 1826 ? at England

Married (2) Living

William Hitchcock Elizabeth Tempre William Lavender Ann Allen
John Hitchcock Martha Lavender
James Hitchcock
m.(1) Susan Carter

David Hitchcock

Martha Hitchcock

Susannah Hitchcock

Jesse Hitchcock

Sarah Hitchcock
m.(2) Living

Obediah Hitchcock

John Hitchcock

James Hitchcock

Mary Ann Hitchcock

Frederick Hitchcock

Notes: Arrived in Perth on 'Simon Taylor' 20 Aug 1842 with 2nd wif e & 7 kiddies

Worked for WL Brockman at Herne Hill, bought land at Jane' s Brook, Middle

Swan; farmer; qualified as juror in 1860 with 200 pounds re al estate. CoE.

"For info on this family, contact Judy Reynolds Decker (BLU ROO@AOL.COM)


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