Sidney Barrett Hymus

Birth: 4 Apr 1848 , Moroerinup, WA
Death: 14 Jul 1912 , Cottesloe, WA

Occupation: Pharmacist

Married Emma Naomi Stirling on 7 Dec 1876 at Trinity Congressional Church, Perth, WA

John Hymus Ann Nunn William Barrett Keziah Crane
Frederick Hymus Phoebe Barrett
Sidney Barrett Hymus
m.Emma Naomi Stirling

Nellie Stirling Hymus

Mena Stirling Hymus

Sidney Decourcey Stirling Hymus

Edmund Sidney Stirling Hymus

Frank Stirling Hymus

Notes: Died of heart attack? 1860's trained as chemist under Edmun d Birch. Carried on

business after his death in a fire in 1874. Sec. of Total A bstinence Assoc.

Chemist shop in Wagin.

Cousin to Birch. Shop opposite town hall.

Started Perth Gas Company; Perth City Treasurer

Born in 'Mowerinup', on banks of Serpentine River.

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