Frederick Hymus

Birth: 23 Feb 1803 , St Mary's Church, West Wickham, Cambs?
Death: 11 Dec 1852 , Mowerinup Farm, Serpentine River, WA

Occupation: thatcher then farmer

Married Phoebe Barrett on 25 Oct 1828 at St Mary's Church, West Wickam, Cams

John Hymus Mary Chapman
John Hymus Ann Nunn
Frederick Hymus
m.Phoebe Barrett

Sidney Barrett Hymus

Catherine Hymus

William Hymus

Daniel Hymus

Ann Hymus

Eliza Hymus

Susan Hymus

Elizabeth Hymus

Frederick Hymus

Caroline Hymus

Elijah Hymus

Notes: Arrived WA on 'Diadem' 10 Apr 1842 with wife & 8 kids. 3 mo re born here.

Was a thatcher then became a farmer on Mowerinup Farm, Serp entine River.

Died in Mandurah according to WA Biographical Dict.

Details of birth, marriage and parents confirmed from famil

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