Phoebe Barrett

Birth: 2 Aug 1804 , Great Thurlow, Suffolk
Death: 31 Aug 1864 , WA

Married Frederick Hymus on 25 Oct 1828 at St Mary's Church, West Wickam, Cams

William Barrett Mary Taylor Henry Crane Hannah Brown
William Barrett Keziah Crane
Phoebe Barrett
m.Frederick Hymus

Sidney Barrett Hymus

Catherine Hymus

William Hymus

Daniel Hymus

Ann Hymus

Eliza Hymus

Susan Hymus

Elizabeth Hymus

Frederick Hymus

Caroline Hymus

Elijah Hymus

Notes: In, she was born 24 Aug 1804, Great Thurlo w, Suffolk

West Wickham is only a few miles west of Great Thurlow.

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