James Andrew Minchin

Birth: 5 Oct 1857 , Upper Swan, WA
Death: 14 Nov 1940 , Balkuling

Married Charlotte Eliza Hitchcock on 24 Dec 1878 at St. Mary's, Middle Swan, Perth

James Minchin Elizabeth Tewlett William Martin Lucy Cook
Alfred Minchin Lucy Martin
James Andrew Minchin
m.Charlotte Eliza Hitchcock

Lucy May Minchin

Joseph Henry Minchin

Ellen Elizabeth Minchin

Arthur David Minchin

Mabel Norah Minchin

Stephen Keane Minchin


Charlotte Keane "Tottie" Minchin

James Basil Minchin




Notes: Henley Park, till 1890, then at 'Sandalford' part of whic h he leased from

'Roe' family. Farmer Balkuling "Pent Lynn"

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